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Hi shipmates,


Because I have had several shipmates ask me if there is another reunion planned in the near future and because of the fact it has been five years since the Luau and lastly because my ability to plan another reunion later is dwindling due to health, I decided to take the initiative and make a decision. 

Tuesday of this week I went out to the 934th and reserved the pavilion located close to the BX for the 16th of August.  It is large enough to accommodate 150-200 people.  They have barbeques that can be rented for the day. 

I thought we could grill brats and burgers like the old days.  There is a field behind the pavilion which would be suitable to get a ball game going for the younger shipmates.  It may actually be a ball dimond, but I’m not sure.  I’ll have to check that out.  They do allow beer there but it has to be purchased on base at the 934th AW Services Club.  I cannot be imported onto the base. 

The facility is cost free so this will keep the cost per person attending down.  I did have to put a deposit down but it will be returned to me provided the area if left clean when we a through using it. 

I am thinking the price per person would end out being $10-$15  I plan to compile a list of items we will need to purchase, check prices and come up with a definite price for the admission soon. I will need some help picking up the food, ice and drinks and getting it to the site and I’ll also need a few volunteers who would be willing to stay until the party ends and help clean up. 

I think other than a breakfast get-together twice a year this will be the last opportunity for a large group of our shipmates to get together unless someone younger wishes to take on the choir. 

After the price is set I would like to start receiving the payments ASAP to get that out of the way. 

I hope to have the final details by the middle of next week which I will then pass on to you.  The renewal of the Subase website is also coming due for renewal in March of next year so I will be asking all who attend for a 3 to 5 dollar donation to defray this cost 

Let me know your feelings about this and any suggestions for the gathering to make it better. 

Not everyone receives my e-mails and many read their e-mail only three or four times a year so if you would take the time to give your friends you are in contact with a jingle and let them know about this I would appreciate it.  I am going to post this on the site for them to read.

Smooth Sailing


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