Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 


I was recently at Wal-Mart shopping and as I was leaving I happened to notice a car in handicapped parking with WW II Veteran plates. I waited around as I wanted to meet the owner of the vehicle. I didn't have to wait long before an elderly black gentleman headed toward the car. I got out of my truck and walked over and asked "are you the World War II Vet?" He said he was and I told him "I would like to shake your hand". We talked for some time and I discovered that he was a Navy vet. He had joined the war effort when he turned seventeen. The war was at this time into its second year. I asked him if he had internet service and he told me "no, but I do have e-mail through Web TV." He gave me his e-mail address. I told him I wanted to "pick his head" sometime. I e-mailed him but received no reply for several days. I thought I had copied down the wrong address or he was not really interested in talking with me. So I wrote it off. Several days passed then I received a phone call from him. He apologized for taking so long. He told me he rarely checks his e-mail as all he gets is advertisement. We chatted for awhile and he agreed to meet me for lunch and an interview. We met at Perkins in Bloomington Wednesday the 1st of September and spent an hour and a half talking about his experiences. I compiled the information I gathered and put together a page for the site. I have met other veterans that I wish I had taken the time to interview but did not. I met one gentleman who was aboard the USS Bowfin SS 287 and I could kick myself for not having taken the time to interview him. Hopefully there will be others later on.

If you know of any Veterans who would be willing to share their stories contact me.

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