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A Grandfathers Pride

By: MM1 Tomas Frabricius USNR (ret)

Back in March of 89 I was over at Pearl with many of you for our yearly cruise. A few of you may recall that I got some very exciting news when I made a call home. Our first grandchild was born and it was a boy!  

I went to the nearest package store for some cigars and some liquid refreshments to celebrate. This was really a cause to celebrate as I now had a male companion to bond with after fathering three daughters.  

Throughout the years that little boy became my pride and joy! Aaron came with us on many trips to Hawaii and I am sure some of you recall him running around the barefoot bar from time to time. 

That young man is now 18 years old and I am very proud to say that our family came back from Great Lakes Navel Station after watching him graduate from Navy Boot Camp. We witnessed his Pass in Review and I have never felt so proud. He was in a performance division and they carried the state flags at many of the graduations. His division took every top honor and received the Hall of Fame award. He has become a very amazing young man. He will now go to San Antonio for his Master at Arms training. His goal is to become a police officer when he gets out after his five year commitment to the Navy. 

He wrote me a letter while he was in boot camp and told me that he never thought he would follow in by footsteps but wrote what a great path to travel! Who knows where his road will take him and I pray he won’t be in harm’s way, but the Navy will train him well. Whatever comes his way he will serve with Honor, courage & commitment?  

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