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20 June 2012

In April of this year I was honored to be a guest at a banquet dinner in St. Cloud, MN where I shared dinner and a delightful evening in the company of my good friend and fellow shipmate Jim Doll, his mother, his sister, his dad, a WW II Vet and many other Vets from the WW II, Korean and Viet Nam wars.

At the end of the evening Jim and I handed out about 50 flyers to these true Americans inviting them to share their stories of their contribution to the wars to be placed on the Subase website for all to read and remember them.

I received two of the flyers back with information of the tenure in the service and their permission to make this information public.

I wrote the first story called the “Capt Guy Rowe USMC Story”, completed and published it a few weeks ago.  At the time it was published Capt Rowe had been admitted to hospice care at the VA medical center in St. Cloud.  His daughter printed the webpage that had his story and took it to the care center to read to him.  He was pleased with the story and grateful for having it published.

I received word last Thursday that Capt Rowe joined his other departed comrades after dying in his sleep early that morning.  I was so grateful for being allowed to be a part of this true American’s life, if only for a short time and adding a little joy to his remaining time on this earth.

I plan to attend his funeral service at the Roselawn Cemetery this coming Friday morning to pay my respect to Capt Rowe.

I just completed the second story, “SM3 Keith Maurer USN Story” a couple days ago and received approval and permission to make public today.

Keith, who lives in St. Cloud, MN, provided me by phone and by e-mail the necessary information to write his story.  He made it clear from the start that he didn’t want to be made out to be anything other then what he was.  He wanted the story to represent the actual events that took place.  In his e-mail to me today, he thanked me for the “factual story”.


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