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The retirement age to start receiving your check is 60. You should request your retirement package from DFAS 6 months prior to age 60.

Contact information

The first thing you should do is:

· Log onto this site and request your retirement package.

Obtain the necessary forms needed to start the process.

· Download all the forms including the instructions at the bottom of the webpage below the heading: "Retirement Pay Application Forms" shown in red.

· Fill out all the forms per the instructions and mail them to the address shown in the instructions.

· While waiting for a reply which can take some time locate and organize all supporting documents you have especially your latest points capture sheets.

· In the meantime you will want to contact DEERS for an ID for yourself and your spouse if married. I am including the following information for doing this.

1. To get your ID's from the Navy contact the office in the cities at 612-713-4679. Their hours are 1000-1400 hrs Wed thru Fri.

2. To obtain your ID's from the Air Force call 612-713-1085. Their hours are Mon thru Fri 0800-1430.

3. To take care of this with the National Guard contact 612-713-2061 or 612-713-2041. Their hours are 0800-1100 hrs and 1200-1500 hrs

4. You can get your ID's from any of the above locations. It does not have to be done with the Navy.


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