Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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Subase CPO's

Shown on this page is a list of shipmates who advanced to Chief, Senior Chief, and Master Chief Petty Officer. These E7, E8 and E9 Petty Officers were the leaders of Subase and were responsible for molding Subase into the fine unit it was. Some of our Chief Petty Officers moved out of the Goat Locker and moved into the Blue Tile Area as they received a commission and became officers in the United States Navy. Subase owes a lot to our men and women in khakis as they were the backbone of the unit. Without these dedicated men and women Subase would have never achieved the level of readiness necessary to support the Naval Base Subase Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Anderson, Roger Allen MMC                                              Jaros, John Joseph EMC (SS)

Arboleda, Keith L. ENC                                                       Johnson, John Fredrick TMC (SS)

Barlow, Craig Paul TMC                                                      Kjellman, Ronald HTC

Bentfield, William J. TMC                                                    Kohlmann, Jan C. TMC (SS)

Bernardy, Paul Harold MSC                                                Korbichka, Joseph MSC

Boutelle, Donald S. TMC                                                     Kremer, Thomas A. BMCM

Burdick, David V. ETC (SS)                                                Lien, Robert Russell MRC

Busko, Kevin Gary DVC                                                      Lloyd, Dennis FTGC

Carlson, Beau ford EMC (SS)                                             Mattox, Edward Josh TMCS (SS)

Castle, Kurt Edward ICC (SS)                                             McConnaughay, Paul C. ETC

Cavanaugh, Michael TMC                                                   Melby, Phillip Ronald HTC

Clasen, Paul Edward ETC                                                   Morse, Christopher M. TMC

Delaney, James M. ICC                                                       Nordstrom, James Rey EMC

Dennis, Richard J. EMC (SS)                                              Opem, Martin Edward MMCM (SS)

Deye, James Robert OMCS                                                Potvin, Dennis Emil MMC

Doll, James Ned HTC                                                          Rentmeester, Arthur J. HTC

Dufrene, Richard Lowell TMC                                              Ringberg, Bernhard T. ETC (SS)

Engelen, Daniel J. GMMC                                                    Rule, James J. TMC (SS)

Fosse, Darwin Allen PNCM                                                  Smith, Douglas F. SKC (SS)

Glassman, Michael Lee MMC                                              Smith, Gregory GMGC

Good, Robert Michael TMC                                                 Towne III, Charles Leroy BMC

Good, Teresa Berndette DCCS                                           Ulbricht, Donald R. HTC

Harmon, Stephen P. TMC (SS)                                           Weisbrod, Wayne MRC

Harren, James MMC                                                           Wenlund, Kenneth Ray HTC

Heath, Oscar V. HMC                                                         Werner, Kenneth K. MMC (SS)         

Hendrickson, Dorn Dale                                                     TMC Wolvert, Cleyo Jerome

HTC Hovind, Gary E.                                                          ETC Yourchuck, Dean A. ENC

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