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Recently I was invited to attend a banquet dinner in St Cloud, MN honoring the 98 WW II, Korean Conflict and Viet Nam Vets who had made the trip on the 28th of April 2012 to Washington DC to visit all the war memorials sponsored by the St Cloud hub of Honor Flight.

I was excited to attend and decided to compose a letter from Subase thanking them for their service and calling their attention to “The Last of Our WW II Vets” page on our site.  I also added to the letter a request for information from them about their WW II experiences so they too could consider being honored on these pages.

IMG_1462.JPGThe affect it was going to have on me had not hit me until I walked into the ballroom at Kelly Inn in St Cloud and was graced by the presence of all these true Americans who were just kids at the time, that time had caught up with.

With failing health, these once kids, now in wheel chairs, with walkers and canes gathered to be honored perhaps one last time for their unselfish dedication to the defense of the United States of America during WW II, the Koran Conflict and the Viet Nam War.

I couldn’t control my emotions and tears begin to flow when the Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the National Anthem played while these great Americans stood at attention and saluted Old Glory.  It was then that I realized how humbled I had become.

As I walked about the hall and shook hands with these fine Americans I couldn’t help but realize how sincere they were and how much they appreciated being remembered for what they once did.

We owe so much to these men and women who put their own lives on hold and stepped forward when called to join the war effort, and can never repay them.  Thanks to Honor Flight and Freedom Flight  an effort to do so has begin.


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