Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 


I’ve Been Called Home

Don’t cry my friends that I am gone for I am not alone,
I’ve stood my watch, I’ve done my best and now I’ve been called home.

I must admit it went too fast my earthly time in grade,
So I hope and pray in some small way, a better world I’ve made.

Remember what our DI’s said as we climbed the rocky mounts,
It’s not who you are in life, but what you do that counts.

And so we chose the tougher road, the few, the proud, the Corps,
And earned the pride and name “Marine” for now and evermore.

So do not weep for me good friends, I’m where I want to be,
Surrounded by a few good men, my soul and spirit free.

And  now I’ll get to meet them all, the heroes of our Corps,
O’Bannon, Puller, Basilone, Foss and Shoup and more.

Daly, Butler, Vandergrift, the names go on and on,
Who fell at spots like Belleau Wood, at Iwo, and Khe Sanh.

Those at the Chosin Reservoir and Hagaru-ri,
And I’m standing next to them, yes sir, just ‘lil old me.

Now I walk among the men who kept our country free,
And gave all their tomorrows to preserve our liberty.

Baghdad, Burma, Lebanon, Chapultepec, Gulf War,
The Marines who fell in the Argonne, or died on Saipan’s shore.

Well, the duty roster just came ‘round and how lucky can one get,
For of all the posts I’ve ever stood surely this is the best one yet.

You see it says at 0400 even though that’s late,
I get to stand the morning watch just outside the gates.

So look for me when your time comes you’ll find me standing tall,
Squared away in blues and spit-shined shoes, awaiting the CO’s call.

And remember me when you look up and see a clear blue sky,
We’ll see each other again my friends, God bless and Semper Fi. 


© John R. Swanberg  USMCR


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