Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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In thinking of my 18 years with Subase I decided I wanted to publish some of the thoughts I have regarding the shipmates I served with for so long.

I listed 140 shipmates and some comments about each one.

There are many shipmates that I haven't included simply because I either didn't know them or couldn't remember them, at least to the point of making a comment.

If you are not included in these 140 shipmates I apologize.  But don't think for a minute you weren't important to me as each and every Subase shipmate was a part of my life and appreciated by me. Your service to your country alone made each and every one of you very important to me.

I have listed the names of these 140 shipmates along with comments in a PDF document which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

You will read my comments which are serious but with an attempt at a little humor.

I loved the shipmates who made up Subase and have a deep passion in keeping their memory fresh in my head.  In an attempt to keep us united I work diligently to acquire new information about our comrades who we served with and share this information on the site for all to see and read.

Read the PDF document.


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