Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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Boat Name                                                                           Hull Number

R-1 (SS-78)   (SS-100) R-23
R-10 (SS-87)   (SS-101) R-24
R-10 (SS-87)   (SS-102) R-25
R-11 (SS-88)   (SS-103) R-26
R-12 (SS-89)   (SS-104) R-27
R-13 (SS-90)   (SS-269) Rasher
R-14 (SS-91)   (SS-270) Raton
R-15 (SS-92)   (SS-271) Ray
R-16 (SS-93)   (SS-272) Redfin
R-17 (SS-94)   (SS-272) Redfin
R-18 (SS-95)   (SS-273) Robalo
R-19 (SS-96)   (SS-274) Rock
R-2 (SS-79)   (SS-275) Runner
R-20 (SS-97)   (SS-301) Roncador
R-21 (SS-98)   (SS-394) Razorback
R-22 (SS-99)   (SS-394) Razorback
R-23 (SS-100)   (SS-394) Razorback
R-24 (SS-101)   (SS-395) Redfish
R-25 (SS-102)   (SS-395) Redfish
R-26 (SS-103)   (SS-395) Redfish
R-27 (SS-104)   (SS-396) Ronquil
R-3 (SS-80)   (SS-396) Ronquil
R-4 (SS-81)   (SS-476) Runner
R-5 (SS-82)   (SS-476) Runner
R-6 (SS-83)   (SS-476) Runner
R-7 (SS-84)   (SS-481) Requin
R-8 (SS-85)   (SS-487) Remora
R-9 (SS-86)   (SS-78) R-1
Rasher (SS-269)   (SS-79) R-2
Raton (SS-270)   (SS-80) R-3
Ray (SS-271)   (SS-81) R-4
Ray (SSN-653)   (SS-82) R-5
Ray (SSN-653   (SS-83) R-6
Ray (SSN-653)   (SS-84) R-7
Ray (SSN-653)   (SS-85) R-8
Razorback (SS-394)   (SS-86) R-9
Razorback (SS-394)   (SS-87) R-10
Razorback (SS-394)   (SS-87) R-10
Redfin (SS-272)   (SS-88) R-11
Redfin (SS-272)   (SS-89) R-12
Redfin (SSR-272)   (SS-90) R-13
Redfish (SS-395)   (SS-91) R-14
Redfish (SS-395)   (SS-92) R-15
Redfish (SS-395)   (SS-93) R-16
Regulus Missile     (SS-94) R-17
Remora (SS-487)   (SS-95) R-18
Requin (SS-481)   (SS-96) R-19
Reserve fleet     (SS-97) R-20
Rhode Island (SSBN-740)   (SS-98) R-21
Rhode Island (SSBN-740)   (SS-99) R-22
Rhode Island (SSBN-740)   (SSBN-601) Robert E. Lee
Rhode Island (SSBN-740)   (SSBN-601) Robert E. Lee
Rhode Island (SSBN-740)   (SSBN-740) Rhode Island
Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)   (SSBN-740) Rhode Island
Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)   (SSBN-740) Rhode Island
Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)   (SSBN-740) Rhode Island
Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)   (SSBN-740) Rhode Island
Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)   (SSN-653 Ray
Robalo (SS-273)   (SSN-653) Ray
Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601)   (SSN-653) Ray
Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601)   (SSN-653) Ray
Rock (SS-274)   (SSN-687) Richard B. Russell
Roncador (SS-301)   (SSN-687) Richard B. Russell
Ronquil (SS-396)   (SSN-687) Richard B. Russell
Ronquil (SS-396)   (SSN-687) Richard B. Russell
Runner (SS-275)   (SSN-687) Richard B. Russell
Runner (SS-476)   (SSR-272) Redfin
Runner (SS-476)     Regulus Missile
Runner (SS-476)     Reserve fleet


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