Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 


Mr. Lord,   I am Guy's daughter, Harriet.  I am the one who contacted you and working on getting the info for you.  I have talked with my dad and he gave his answers to the questions handed out at the Honor Flight dinner.  His answers were just what you asked for.

As response to this e-mail, I have also gathered info my dad had previously written up about his life.  I have made copies of these and will mail them to you.  You can pick and choose what info you want to put on his page from what I send. 

I will also enclose 2 pictures of my dad.  One from 1946 and the other from when he was the MWSS 471 Guest of Honor at 236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball in November 2011.  I have written the info on the back of the pictures.   Without going into all the details, I will fill you in a little, 

In Sept. 2011, dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma He has had chemo which ended April 30, 2012. Tests were done May 16th to check the lymph nodes. Results were mixed. The areas affected last Fall are now clear, except one on the left side. His doctor said they would do a biopsy to see if it was a different type of cancer. However, after dad's May 22 appointment where the doctor has seen how much dad's health has declined in the past 4 weeks, ( it took 3 people to get dad on the exam table as dad could not do it on his own) he feels dad's body is not able to handle any biopsy or other treatments and recommended 24/7 care.

I started working on that but when the doctor called and spoke with me on the 23rd, he had changed it to hospice care because of the quick decline, (weak, legs, give out, can't eat or drink much, sleeps more etc).

As the doctor STRONGLY stated several times dad not being alone at all, and not being able to get the in-home hours we need, we are going with "Plan B". Hospice at the St. Cloud VA. Dad would rather be at home but understands that it is not possible.

The necessary paperwork has been taken care of for his admission and we are awaiting a bed. The woman at the VA told us Friday that she is 99.9% sure dad will be able to get in Tuesday (May 29, 2012). She will check bed availability as soon as she gets to work and then will let us know.

So with this all said, would you please let me know right away when you have gotten my dad's page up so I could find a way for him to see it while he is at the VA. 

He VERY MUCH enjoyed the Honor Flight but since his return, he has declined.  Doctor is not sure how much longer he will be around. 

I realize you are probably just as busy as everyone else, but if somehow you could get my dad's page done ASAP it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

My dad is okay with us using his e-mail address to communicate about the webpage but said he will not be home to receive e-mails so please do not add his to the list.

I would like to say THANK YOU for doing this for our veterans.  They deserve every bit of thanks and recognition for their service!!!!!

I will get these things in the mail this week and I look forward to seeing the completion of my dad’s page.


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