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In searching for information for myself, I came upon the following info that I thought you might also find helpful.

If you are on Medicare as your primary insurance provider with Tricare for Life as you secondary carrier and need to schedule medical treatment, you should be aware of the fact that if the medical facility you are attempting to use tells you they accept Medicare but don't accept Tricare, this is not a problem.  You can go ahead and use their services.  They will bill Medicare who will in turn forward any portion not paid by Medicare to Tricare who will pay the remainder.

In speaking with Tricare for Life, I was told this is an automatic Medicare Roll Over and you shouldn't ever see a bill from the office providing the medical service.

But just to be sure, you should call Tricare to verify this is true in your particular case.  Their number is:  866-773-0404.

This also applies if you are told they accept both Tricare and Medicare but only bill Medicare and the billing to Tricare for Life paperwork would have to be filled out and submitted by yourself.  You don't have to file any forms with Tricare for Life since the Roll Over takes care of this for you by Medicare sending the balance billing to Tricare for Life.


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