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There were several months of ROA Newsletters that were not posted on the site. The reason, because I failed to read fully an E-mail sent to me from the organization telling me they were updating and cleaning their subscribers address book. I was supposed to respond to the e-mail letting them know it is still active and I wish to continue receiving the updates. Well I simply missed that, and they stopped coming. I have now fixed it and should start receiving the bi-monthly newsletters once more.


I was able to go to their site and pick up the archived issues we were missing and have added them to the ROA pages.


If you would like to look over the older issues (still some good info) to save you time here are the issues that you missed:


  • The last ten additions on the ROA page
  • Bulletin (latest issue)
  • Legislative Update (latest issue)
  • State Benefits (1 issue)
  • Military History (1 issue)


The following are in Archives:


  • All Bulletin publications for April-August 2013
  • All Legislative Update Publications for April-August 2013
  • The last 6 issues of Military History
  • State Benefits (1 issue)

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