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For a couple years I have posted the ROA Newsletters which come out twice a month. These newsletters always contain some very interesting articles.

After the 01 January 2013 edition they seemed to stop coming and I was unable to find them or find out why they all at once stopped coming.

Today I received a notification for the new update for the first half of April. When I logged on I discovered they had not in fact stopped coming but the method in which they were distributed had changed. So I downloaded the edition for 01 April and found they also had the issues we were missing archived on their site as I do to our older issues. So I downloaded the issue from 15 January 2013 along with both issues for February and March and posted them on the ROA pages.

Here are direct links to the missing issues:

15 Jan


01 Feb


15 Feb


01 March


15 March

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