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20 June 2013 Newsletter

I have made several changes to the site.  These changes include:

  •     What’s New has been renamed New
  •     Comments have been added to the index (nav area)
  •     A sub link added to Comments (nav area) for Subase Newsletter
  •     Photo/Video combines Photos and Video with sub links to each

I believe the above changes and additions will enhance to use of the site.

There hasn’t been a lot of activity on the site lately.  I am continuing to share the updates from AUSN, ROA and the VFW as I receive them.  For some unknown reason I no longer receive the NERA updates.  If anyone is receiving them I would appreciate it if you would share them with me so I can post them.

Most of the activity has been posted or shared on the Subase Pearl Harbor Detachment 716 Face Book page.  A lot of submarine photos are added there almost daily.  I you don’t have a Face Book account you can’t visit this page and you are missing the boat (yes, pun intended).

Many have stated they didn’t want a Face Book account because they didn’t want to share a lot of personal information but this is not necessary.  You can create a page with bogus info.  The only thing that must be accurate is a valid e-mail address and you can ever acquire one of these from several sources such a Google.  I can even assign you a Subase e-mail address for this use and guarantee you won’t be receiving a bunch of junk mail.  Something to think about.  Also if you do create a FB page to view the Subase page, be sure to Like it as this will add any new posts to the page to your own home page.  It also increases the status or standings of the Subase page.

After February the 92nd (no, this is not a typo) we finally have summer in Minnesota.  I hope you are enjoying it as much as me.  For the first year ever I have been allowed to have my Grandchildren visit once a week.  It has been a sheer delight to have the two youngest with me.  Jade is going to be four in August and Lance is eight.  I am like a little boy at Christmas time awaiting Santa’s arrival waiting for them to visit.  Many of the older Subase shipmates know exactly what I’m talking about.

You might want to start thinking of a reunion for next year as it will have been five years since our last one.  I won’t say anymore about it at this time other then advising you to be prepared to make a decision early this fall and share your input.

Fair Winds and Following Seas….




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