Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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P-3 Orion Patrol 

By: ET1 William Lord USN/USNR (ret)

I'll never forget my first trip to Hawaii and Subase. It was in March of '81.

Someone in our unit had made arrangements with NAS Barbers Point for two of our Shipmates to go on Submarine tracking patrol all night with the P-3 Orians. Two different Shipmates would go out each night for the duration of our cruise. The morning after the flights. They would muster with our unit and tell of their experience on the patrol.

I was paired up with Mike good for our flight. I was excited and looking forward to the patrol. We were allowed to check out a Navy vehicle for transportation to Barbers Point for the flight. Mike had a Navy driver’s license which was required, and at that time being my first trip to Subase I had not obtained one yet.

The night of the flight arrived and Mike informed me he had to work in his shop all or part of the night and wouldn't be able to make the trip. I was disappointed because that meant I also would not be able to go. So no one from our unit went that night.

The fallowing night two more Shipmates went out on patrol and the morning after at muster told us of how disappointed the active duty personnel were that Mike and I had not shown up as they had named the flight "The Good Lord Flight". 

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