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This page contains links to PDF files of scanned handouts showing various benefits and other information of interest for retired veterans.  These handouts were collected for us by Harold Kruse who attended this year’s Retiree Appreciation Days at Mystic Lake.

Note 1:  Some of the files are large and may take a couple minutes to load, so please be patient. 
Note 2:  If you don't want to take the time to visit all the pages, at least take the time to look over the Tricare for life handbook and Help Your Family While You Still Can file.

Tricare For Life Handbook

Tricare Dental Program Guide

Tricare Dental Program Application

Ticare Standard Handbook

Your Guide To USAA

Help Your Family While You Still Can

AARP Fraud Watch Network

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

FRA Today

Let FRA Work For You And Your Family



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