Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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SKC(SS) Douglas Smith 

Subase Pearl Det 716 takes me back a ways.  I have had a unique Navy career spanning across 4 decades.  Yet, I only received my retirement letter from the bureau last spring.  That was one of the happiest days, knowing I would finally recoup my Navy pension. 

Doug_Smith.jpgBack in 1984 I went back on active duty to the USS DANIEL WEBSTER (SSBN-626) Blue Crew.  I did 7 patrols before going on shore duty & getting married. 

My wife Linda & I have 3 beautiful kids & now reside in NE Iowa.

 I stayed on active duty until 1992, my last boat being the USS BOSTON (SSN-703).  I made Chief Petty Officer in 1988.  I gave up the Navy & took a civilian job in Iowa to be with & raise my family.  After 9/11, the Navy Reserves called me & I answered.  My goal was to recoup my Navy pension.  They brought me back in as a CPO & here I am today.   All is well here.  The Taliban are continually disrupting things, but we are making progress. 

Doug Smith's photos in Afghanistan

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