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Subase 35th Anniversary Get-Together

The gathering of Subase shipmates for breakfast Saturday morning on the 28th of April was a big success.

There were 16 shipmates and 6 guests in attendance.  Six of these were plank owners.  They were Capt Anderson, Capt Francis, Chief Ulbricht, Chief Wenlund, HT1 Olson and YN1 Erickson.

Attendance was to include Capt Alan Anderson, Subase’s first CO, Cdr Ed Kimball the first XO and Capt David Frances the first TO and 6th CO but Cdr Kimball e-mailed me the night before informing me he would be unable to make it as he was not feeling well.

We were however honored to have Capt Petit Subase’s 7th CO surprise up with his presence as he had not let me know his intentions prior to showing up.

It was good to see Chief Dufrene and Chief Boutelle back together.  It was reminiscent of the old days at Pearl Harbor where you say one, you saw the other.  Actually this was so much the case that the nickname “Ball Brothers” was pinned to them.

Don Boutelle and I shared our special handshake.  If you haven’t shared one of his special handshakes you don’t know what you are missing as it is quite an experience.

Other members of the goat locker who honored up with their presence were Master Chief Opem, Chief Potvin, Chief Ulbricht and Chief Wenlund.

Other shipmates present were Dan Rogers and his wife Sue, Doug Olson, Jewell Rogers, Jim Weseman, Ken Erickson, Phil Lay and his wife Julie and yours truly.

Other guests were Vernon Young (WW II Navy Vet), my son Richard Rosson, his wife Penny and their son Joey.

Master Chief Fosse, Senior Chief Deye and Charley Fitzsimmons who e-mailed to let me know they couldn’t attend sent their regards.

Master Chief Kremer who had intended to join us was informed at the last minute he had to work.  He stated he can’t wait until next year when he can retire.

Dennis Zarembinski also intended to attend but at the last minute something came up that prevented him from doing so.

I received a call from Harold Kruse shortly after arriving at Perkins who apologized for not being present and informing me he had just became a first time grandpa yesterday.  Congratulations Harold.

Dan Rogers shared with us a nice graphic of the ship patch for the new fast attack submarine USS Minnesota (SSN-783) along with another nice graphic of the runner-up ship patch.

Jim Weseman and Phil Lay both made a nice donation to the upkeep of the website.  This money will be used to renew the SubasePearl domain name which will be coming up soon. This is an annual fee which allows us to use the extension .com which gives us a higher ranking on the web.  I would like to extend my appreciation to these fine shipmates for the contributions.

It was great to get together with these all these fine people again.  Someone asked me the reason for my passion of Subase and the website to which I answer “I spent over 18 years with Subase.  That was a big chunk of my life”.


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