Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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The Subase website is capable of hosting an unlimited number of encrypted e-mail address.

These addresses are limited to 10Mb for attachments which is the equivalent of 5 very high resolution photos or 10 very good resolution photos. The addresses are also limited to 750 outgoing e-mails per hour.

The addresses also work nicely with Outlook and Outlook Express.

Your e-mail address would read .

I have created a new address for Subase mailings. It is and will begin using it as the Qwest account I have been using limits my outgoing e-mails to 500 in a 24 hour period.

If you would like one of the addresses to replace the one you are currently using or as a secondary address click here and and tell me what e-mail name you wish to use adding after the name. All I need is the name of your choice to replace the yourchoice in the example. I would than create an account for you with a temporary password which you would than change the first time you log into your mailbox.

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