Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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I have been impatiently watching the ranking of the major search engines for our site since moving the site from Freeservers to Blue Host. 

Yahoo had picked us up early (about 2 weeks) but Bing and Google have been dragging their feet.

I checked again today and I see now all the major search engines have now picked up Subase Pearl with high enough ranking to place us on the first search page.

You may ask what the criteria is for the ranking which can be summed up in a few words; Content, Layout and Interest.

The search engines look at the content and its layout and ranks this according to the likelihood of its interest to the public.

Other factors come into the equation as well such as the reliability of the Web Host and the software used to design the site.

Blue Host is ranked very high and considered by many the #1 Web Host.

Live Site, the theme software we are using has a very nice feature to aid the search engines in their ranking.  The software allows the user to add key search words for each page which the search engines look at when ranking the page.

When building a page I use as many key words as possible to insure the search engine can locate the content the user is searching for.

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