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Formally ET1 Grant Carmichael and now LCDR with 34 years in the Navy has just been appointed XO of a new Phoenix unit called NR NIOC HI-Phoenix which is Navy Information Operations Command. This change took place on 01 Dec 2011.

Carmichael, now a Mustang affiliated with Subase as an E5 Electronics Technician and later was promoted to ET1. He was with the unit a few years when he decided to apply for and was accepted in officer training.

He was without a unit for some time when he was chosen to become the XO of the new unit being formed in Phoenix where he is now a plank owner.

When asked how he would get to Phoenix from Minneapolis for drill weekends and AT he replied; "That's the downside, I have to provide my own transportation." He said he was looking at some options to make this more viable such as doing six four day drills instead of 12 two day drills. He also is looking into commercial transportation at cost with the taxes and other charges removed.

He said he is going to give this six months and at which time he will reevaluate and make a decision for the future.

He is up for 05 in March and obviously if he makes it he would have to leave the unit anyway.

Join me in wishing LCDR Carmichael the best of luck.














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