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Many hours were spent dissecting the old site, editing the content, Spell and grammar checking (a lot of this), and deciding what to move to the new site and what to eliminate.

Once having decided what content I wanted to keep, editing it and deciding how I wanted it to look on the new site the process of actually building the pages was under way.

This process was extremely slow at first as I had to learn the software package as I went.

This got better with time and the build started to run a little smoother. Soon I was building five or six pages per day. Currently there are over a hundred pages.

There were a few snags in the process that I had to overcome or as they say in this industry find a work-around solution. This is where the HTML training I took several months ago came in handy as I was able to write my own code to make what I wanted to do happen.

For those of you who expressed your dislike of all the music on the site there is relief, as to date there are only two pages with audio. One is the Home page which I decided to replace Anchors Away with a nice Hawaiian number which I felt was appropriate. You will also notice I set the volume level to that of elevator music sound so it is less distracting. The other page with music is Eternal Patrol where I keep the Hawaiian number Amazing Grace which I also toned down.

I kept most of the Military Humor but decided against keeping the Just for Laughs pages since the site has evolved to a more serious nature.

The Photo Gallery was the tough on. This was an extremely slow task as it required me to add the photos to the albums one at a time and to date there are over nine hundred pictures there.

In addition to being slow because of having to move them on at a time, each photo had to be resized for the page.

I began dissecting the old site, editing the content and building the new site six weeks ago. I worked on it seven days a week ten to twelve hours a day. This should give you an idea of the work involved in creating this site. Now I am not complaining, I enjoyed the work and am actually bored now since I don’t have this to do anymore.

I must admit the Subase site has become an obsession with me. In fact I will go as far as to say I have become rather anal regarding it. I spoke with my daughter the other day on the phone (She is in California) and asked her if she would be willing to administer and keep the site up if anything happens to me where I can’t do it any longer. She told me that she would be honored to do this. She is quite knowledgeable in this area. She has her own site up where she sells collectables.

I would like to thank the shipmates who graciously contributed to the Renewal Fund to keep a site up for another three years. I would like to name those who contributed but I don’t wish to embarrass or make anyone feel bad so I won’t. To those that helped; Thanks…. stand proud! And to those who didn’t, God willing there will be a next time.

Again, I hope you receive as much enjoyment surfing the pages of this site as I received in producing it.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

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