Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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Up until a couple months ago, the Subase Pearl Harbor Detachment 716’s website held only the interest of those who had served as members of the unit and a few of their friends.

Recently however, the website has caught the eye and attention of the nation and the website has begun to grow in popularity with visitors from all over the country and perhaps the world.

The addition to the Facebook page for Subase is believed to be the contributing factor.  As the Facebook page began to grow in popularity, the Subase website also took off and begun to grow.

It is not determined what this all will lead to, if the site will continue this growth or eventually level off.  But whatever does happen, it is all welcomed.  It is believed the trend has already been set and the likelihood of the interest reverting back to where it was before the sudden interest took place is unlikely.

Steps are being taken to focus on the Facebook page and increase the articles of interest, photos and veteran information in order to entice the visitor to check out the website as well. It is apparent this works.  When an interesting post is placed on Facebook with a link to the site the number of visitors to the site increases significantly.

We were made aware of this sudden growth only a couple of weeks ago when all at ones the daily visitors quadrupled and remained there.  The seceding several days also showed the same interest. As of this morning, 28 September 2013 the monthly visitors increased to more than 5,100.


Here is a chart showing the growth for the past two weeks.  Unfortunately no data had been collected prior to the new growth pattern so it can’t be displayed in the chart, but prior to the first day shown in this chart, the daily visitors was 50 or less per day and is now no less than 150 per day and often as many as 250 visitors.  



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