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The Growth of the Subase Website

25 January 2010

After meeting with my good friends Jim Doll and Don Ostenson at Olive Garden for dinner one evening in the winter of 2007 I mentioned to them that we should have a way of uniting the unit and said "I am thinking of putting together a Website for Subase." They both agreed that this was a good idea so after a few weeks of investigating options for a site and comparing prices and features I leased a site with and started this site on the 25th of January of 2008.

I selected a theme for the website and started building it. I dug through old recall bills and POM's and compiled a list of names of Shipmates who had served with Subase over the years and added this list to a page that I called "Muster". I then dug through old photos that I had shot while on active duty each year over the eighteen years I was with Subase at Pearl Harbor and scanned these photos and put them up on the site in a photo gallery.

I then added a page to the site which I called "Daily Blurbs". As the name implied comments were made in this column on a daily basis. As time went by and additions and changes to the site became less frequent the column was renamed to simply "Comments" due to the fact that I no longer was adding entries on a daily basis. Later the name was changed again to it current name "Subase Newsletter". I also added a few pages to the site such as my contact information, Navy contacts, a guest book, and a page called "Honors and Awards" and a special page called "Sea Stories" thus completing what was the original Subase Pearl Det. 716 website.

I then started the long task of calling all the Shipmates I could locate to make them aware of the site. The website was well received and names started appearing the "Guest Book". Wanting to know how well received the site was I added a counter to the site which allowed me to see how many times a day the site was visited. I was happily surprised to discover that thirty to forty new hits a day were routine.

The site rapidly grew and new pages where added frequently. Currently there are over 125 pages on the website. 

Other additions to the website were sound, video and a slide show. A humor section was added which was soon split into two categories, "Just for Laughs" a general area for funny stories and jokes and "Military Humor" a place for humorous stories about our men and women in uniform.

While trying to contact Shipmates I discovered that one of our Shipmates had passed away and decided to put together a special page on the site honoring these Shipmates who were no longer with us and after much thought came up with a name for the page called "Lost Shipmates". This page when first started consisted of two Shipmates. Sadly four more names have been added to this page.

Another page was added to the site called "Subase Forum". This was an avenue where Shipmates could reflect their thoughts and communicate with each other. This page took a lot of time and work to publish and get working correctly but unfortunately was not well received. It was up for a few weeks but all efforts to generate interest failed. I soon decided that the efforts required to maintain the page was wasted energy and removed it from the site.

Having contacted about one hundred Shipmates I spoke with my good friend Ed Borgen who volunteered to help me locate past members of Subase. Over the next few weeks we managed to increase this figure to its current total number of 273.

The site was about ten or twelve weeks old when talk of putting together a reunion started to surface. I decided to generate a questionnaire and sent it by e-mail to the list of names I now had in my address book. The number of members who wanted to get together surprised me so I decided to attempt putting together a reunion. I enlisted the help of Dennis Zarembinski who graciously offered his help. Between the two of us we managed to successfully put together a reunion which was held at Central Park in Roseville, MN on 09 August of 2008. There were 150 Shipmates and guests at the reunion where a good time was enjoyed by all.

Many Shipmates expressed their desire to have a Luau for the next reunion so a committee was formed consisting of Dorn Hendrickson, Mark Flom, Phil Johnson, Richard Dennis and myself to plan the next reunion for 2009. The Luau was in fact voted upon and plans were put into place to hold the Luau. Mark found a caterer for us to use that provided a nice Hawaiian dinner at a cost we could afford. Entertainment was also booked for the event with a Polynesian Dancer and a Tahitian Fire Dancer. A date for the event was set for August 29th of 2009.

Additional pages were added to the site in late 2008. One and perhaps my most cherished webpage being "For God and Country" and the others being "Subase Plank Owners" and "Det 716 Chain of Command".

In January of 2009 we held our first Breakfast Get-together and since have held three additional Get-togethers. 

Additions to the various web pages continued to be added on a daily basis. Additional pages were also added to the existing web pages to accommodate the entries. Another new web page was created for this site called "Ships Store". This page lists several Subase items for purchase. Another page was also added called "Anything Goes". This was a much needed webpage as there were many times things added to the site had no place to go due to the subject matter. So now entries that would have been inappropriate on the other pages could now be posted on this page.

By summer of 2009 all the preparations for the Luau were completed and the Luau was held on the 29th of August at the same location as the first reunion. There were 100 Shipmates and guests who attended and everyone said they had a great time. The dancers added that extra touch to the event and a drawing for the many donated door prizes was held. We gave away nearly $400.00 in gift cards, 25 Unit Ball Caps and 20 bird houses donated by Dorn Hendrickson.

At the Luau I announced that the lease for the Website would be expiring in March of this year and funds were donated by our generous Shipmates to ensure the Website would remain up for two more years. Today I renewed the lease for the two additional years and at the same time purchased additional web space as we were running short for future growth. We had 5GB of web space and have now doubled this to 10GB.

This brings us to the end of two great years of the Subase Pearl Det 716 Website where we enjoyed 11,171 hits to the site. It doesn't stop here as this is only the beginning.

At this time I wish to thank all of our Shipmates for their support of the site and to each and everyone I wish you all

Fair Winds and Following Seas.

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