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The Pink Submarine
By Tim Spoon EM2(SS) USN 

Paint_chip.pngI Reported aboard the Balao in 1962 as an EMFA (NPQ) and was in the seaman gang at first.

USS_Balao_(SS-285)_Painted_pink.jpgI chipped this pink and black paint chip off the screw guards.  By then the pink really didn’t show through. 

At the USSVI convention in Reno a few years back we held a small Balao reunion. The then gunnery officer in charge of the deck force was present and told some great stories about painting the pink on then covering it. Seems they hired a crew to paint and it took about two days to cover latterly everything topside. When don the painted their shoes and hats pink and wore them to quarters the next morning.  The lieutenant still had his hat and brought it with him.  He said Tony Curtis had tried to buy it from him back then and the Hollywood types would join them at the Gate Bar after the daily filming.  Said were a lot of fun.


Note:  The photo on the left shows a paint chip removed from the USS Balao (SS-285) from the screw guard which clearly reveals the pink paint from when she was painted pink for the movie 'Operation Petticoat'.  This paint chip was removed about three years after the filming of the classic movie starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.

The photo to the right shows a luau being held on the deck of the pink boat.  Note the pink cover (hat) the person in Kakis is wearing.



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