Subase Pearl Harbor Det 716 

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      • 1. The content on this website is expressly intended to be entertainment and not to be taken as absolute fact.
      • 2. The content contained on this site however is believed to be true and much effort has been expended in researching the data before posting it on the site.
      • 3. The site may contain content that may be construed as racial or sexual. However it is not the sites intent to endorse this behavior. As stated in (1) the posts on this site is intended to be solely entertainment. If you are offended by any of the content on this site, you may contact the website administrator with your petition to have it removed. After receiving said petition your request for removal will be reviewed and considered.
      • 4. The information on this site is copyrighted. Therefore before using any of the articles or content you must contact the website administrator and request permission.
      • 5. It is strongly believed the data on this site is either: Not copyrighted by another party or posted with the permission of the party holding the copyright.
      • 6. If an article posted on this site is infringing on the rights of copyrighted material owned by you or another party you may contact the website administrator to have it removed or to inform us as to the steps necessary that this site must take in order to use said material.
      • Subase Pearl Det 716 website is not an official site of the U.S Navy or Department of Defense. It is merely a site created by the administrator, an ex-member of Subase Pearl Det 716 who chose the name Subase Pearl Det 716 for the site.
      • The main purpose of this site is to share important information with those who served with Subase Pearl Det 716. Information such as Veteran programs, NERA newsletters, Tricare benefits, Navy and DOD links are among those shared on the site and considered to be important information.


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