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I met Ernie Grossiant, a World War II Veteran and his sponsor Terry Lang, a Veteran of the Vietnam War at a gathering I attended in Roseville Minnesota with a Friend Vernon Young, also a WW II vet.

Vernon and Ernie had recently returned to Minnesota after visiting the War Memorials in Washington DC sponsored by the local chapter of Honor Flight and the gathering was to once again honor the Veterans who served their country during the war of the 1940’s and to give them their packets containing the information of the trip and the showing of the video taken while there.

I introduced myself to them and told them of the Subase website and the page on the site called ‘The Last of Our WW II Veterans’ where I had written several stories which includes Vernon’s story honoring those who served during this war for their service and told him I would like to do his story if he was willing to tell it and allow me to write it.  Ernie stated he would love to set down with me and share his story.  So I gave Terry my card for the website and asked him to contact me to set up a time and date for the interview.

I have a document with all of the questions I would be asking the Veteran during the interview and sent them a copy of it after hearing from Terry.  I told them to look over the questions to prepare the Veteran for the interview and also told them to let me know in advance of the interview of any questions on the form the Veteran is uncomfortable with so I would know not to address these.

We met on the 25th of July of this year for what was planned to be an hour interview which turned out to be 2 ½ hours.  Ernie loved to talk.  Not only did he answer the questions with yes, no, names and dates but he added a lot of detail and shared some great stories some quite humorous which I have added to his story.

At 94 years of age, I was amazed at how focused and alert Ernie is.  He still has a vivid memory of the events that took place nearly seventy years ago.

After the long but extremely interesting interview and photo session (photos taken by Terry) I got up to leave and Ernie walked Terry and I to the door.  I shook his hand and thanked him for the interview.  He thanked me for listening to him and said “This brought back a lot of memories.  I haven’t talked about this for years”.

Interviw Photos

Ernie Grossiant Story

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